Fire Suppression Systems

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Water-Based Fire Suppression for Commercial Kitchens

CORE Fire Protection provides superior fire protection for commercial kitchens and is ideal for use in restaurants, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, hotels and other facilities.

R-102 Fire Suppression Systems

Appliance-Specific Design

The most efficient fire protection is accomplished when nozzles are selected and aimed at specific hazard areas on each appliance.
This method typically provides the most economical use of liquid agent, reducing the size or quantity of storage tanks and associated hardware.

Overlapping Appliance Protection

When flexibility and simplicity are most important, nozzles are placed in a straight-line arrangement providing overlapping discharge patterns.
This creates a virtually fire-free zone where appliances of various types and sizes are protected - even if they are replaced or rearranged under the hood.

The heart of ANSUL Restaurant Systems lies in their ability to quickly detect fires and suppress them by discharging ANSULEX Liquid Fire Suppressant, quickly knocking down flames and cooling hot surfaces, while generating a tough vapor securing blanket that helps prevent reflash. With a nearly neutral pH, ANSUL R-102 systems are exceptionally friendly to cooking equipment.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

ANSUL K-Guard Kitchen-Class Extinguishers

Model K01-2

  • Designed specifically for the toughest fires - hot grease, cooking oil and fat
  • Meets or exceeds requirements of UL Standard 8 and Standard 711
  • Meets requirements of NFPA 10
  • Simple operation and maintenance
  • Wide angle, soft discharge spray pattern
  • Stainless steel bourdon tube gauge
  • Rechargeable
  • Filled with 1.6 gallons of proven ANSULEX low pH liquid fire suppressant
  • Range of 8-10 feet
  • Discharge time approximately 45 seconds

ANSUL Sentry Hand Portable Fire Extinguishers

Dry Chemical

  • Ideally suited for protection of light, ordinary and extra-high hazards
  • Found virtually anywhere a general-purpose extinguisher is needed

Industrial Dry Chemical

  • Built to survive in harsh, corrosive environments
  • Zinc-rich primers for superior corrosion protection
  • Chrome-plated extruded brass valves

Carbon Dioxide

  • Designed to protect against Class B and C fires
  • Available in one-piece, powder-coated steel or aluminum shells


  • Designed for Class A hazards
  • 2.5 gallon capacity
  • Butt-welded stainless steel shell construction

ANSUL Red Line Cartridge Operated Fire Extinguishers

MODEL 5 Slim design for use where space is limited

MODEL 10 Designed for high fire-frequency areas where light or ordinary fire hazards exist

MODEL 20 Designed for use on larger fires in high-risk areas

MODEL 30 Designed for use wherever large, intense fires often occur and maximum fire-killing power is needed

ANSUL Red Line Wheeled Fire Extinguishers

Made specifically to protect people and property in areas where the potential for large-scale fires is always present. Completely self-contained, Red Line Wheeled extinguishers feature high capacity tanks containing a choice of extinguishing agents: FORAY, Purple-K, PLUS-FIFTY C, LITH-X, MET-L-X, MET-L-KYL, AR-33 AFFF AND CO2.

150-C Standard Steel Wheels
350-C Wide Steel Wheels
150-D Pneumatic Rubber Tires
350-D Rubber Wheels

ANSUL Cleanguard Hand Portable Exinguishers

Clean Agent Extinguishers

  • Rated for Class A, B and C fires
  • Will not damage sensitive and irreplaceable materials
  • Available in capacities of 2.5 lb to 13.25 lb
  • Discharge range of approximately 16 feet
  • Seamless, welded steel shell

Non-Magnetic Extinguishers

  • Offer many of the same features
  • For areas in which 100% non-magnetic is required

Maintaining Your Restaurant Fire Suppression System

Management & Inspections

It is important that your fire suppression equipment is working properly. J&V will help you maintain the integrity of your sytem. We understand your facility's special requirements and will manage code compliance as required, with all applicable regulatory codes.

Even if J&V did not install your system, we will maintain & manage it for you!

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